At Taradale Intermediate we believer that making educationally powerful connections with learners and families as early as possible makes for a fantastic start to our learning journey with your child.

In 2023 we will again be having Get Connected’ sessions on Thursday 2nd of February and Friday 3rd of February.   There are two parts to these sessions; Get Connected with teachers and Get Connected digitally.

  • Get connected with teachers:  This is the opportunity to make connections and share information.  Learners will attend with their parents/caregivers.  (approx. 10 mins)
  • Get connected digitally for Year 7 and new Year 8:  This the opportunity for the setting up of devices -school logins, HERO, DigiCode etc.(approx. 30 mins but please allow an hour). There will be some forms to fill out online before the days - this will speed up the process.  Please note the hub will close at 4.30pm on Thursday and 4pm on Friday so if your interviews are in the last slot - please connect digitally before your interview time.

Information and meeting times will be out to families on the 23rd of January.  This will include your child's class for 2023. 

If you haven't received this information by Friday 27th January 2023 please contact David Breeds on
Tuesday 7th February 2023 will be the first day the full school will be in attendance.  

Could your child please bring a copy of their end of Year 6 report with them on the first day of school.  These will be collected in by their teacher.

Please fill in the online forms below before your 2024 Get Connected Sessions