Hero - Posting

Top Tips for responding to your childs posts.


T = Tell a compliment

A = Ask a question

G = Give a suggestion

E.g. I like how you solved that problem. What made you think of using that strategy? Next time you should have more detail in your work.

Two stars and one wish:

Give someone two celebrations about their work and one wish about it.

E.g: I give you one star for your details and another star for hooking the reader in your introduction. I wish you would add more dialogue in your story.

Growth Mindset Feedback Starters:

  • You might be struggling, but you are making progress. I can see your growth…

  • I admire your persistence and I appreciate your hard work with….

  • I see you are using (strategies/tools)..

  • Your hard work is clearly evident in…

Celebrating Me Posting

At TIS we have a 'Celebrating Me' page. This page is for celebrating your child. You can upload photos, videos and blurbs about your child's achievements out of school. These might be sports, special events or a taonga. Our teachers would love to see this and share in celebrating your child.