Click on the link above to register your child in Volleyball for term 4

Monday 5th February 2024

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Your child has indicated an interest in playing Volleyball for TIS in term 1.   

This year we have 2 different days of Volleyball on offer for our learners.

Mondays - Beginner Volleyball (Coaching and games to develop their fundamental skills and understanding of the rules)

Tuesdays - SuperLeague Volleyball - Division 1/2  is for students that have played Volleyball, know the rules and are quite confident of serving from the baseline. Division 3 is for players that have played a little Volleyball, have been taught the basic skills and ready for the next step.

Please read all details carefully and complete the online registration and payment  BY TUESDAY 13th FEBRUARY. ​​​​​​​

Beginner Volleyball  (Mondays) 

Venue:         Rodney Green Foundation Arena, Taradale

Cost:            $35 per player

Dates:          Mondays - 19 Feb, 26 Feb, 4th, 11th, 18th 25th March, 8th April

Uniform:      PE Uniform (Sneakers are optional)   

Time:           3.15pm to 4.15pm (Coaching/learning the rules to start with followed by games)

Super League Volleyball  (Tuesdays)                                  

Venue:         Rodney Green Foundation Arena, Taradale

Cost:            $45 per player

Dates:          Tuesdays - 20 Feb, 27 Feb, 5th, 12th, 19th 26th March, 9th April

Uniform:      PE Uniform (Sneakers are optional)   

Time:           Games are scheduled between 4.00pm and 6.10pm (1 or 2 X 30min games each night)

Extra curricular activities such as Volleyball needs parental help.  Teams must have an adult with them courtside at PGA.  If you can offer any help to manage/coach a team this year, please indicate on the registration form.  A roster system can be organised to share the supervision. Please provide your own whistle.

Coaches: A practice slot in the school hall or on the TIS outside net can be booked in for parents wanting to run team practices.  I will contact you if you have indicated this on your registration form. It is also possible to run a team practice using down at the Rodney Green stadium on the back courts before your games.

Players and parents of all TIS sports will be asked to agree to our 2024 sports code of conduct. Please read and discuss with your child and your extended family.  As proud parents and New Zealanders we love our sports and are keen for our students to do the best they can. To view the Code of conduct,  CLICK HERE

In addition to our school’s code of conduct, PGA management and Volleyball HB are enforcing rules that must be adhered to, please see below.  By agreeing to the conditions on the registration form you are agreeing to the PGA rules below:


  • Please use the corridor to walk down to get to your allocated courts, NOT through the court area.
  • NO playing on spare courts.
  • Players are not to loiter in the car parks or toilet/change facilities.
  • NO chewing gum or food allowed in the court area. WATER ONLY is allowed to be consumed in the court area.
  • Soft sports shoes only allowed to be played in on the courts. NO school shoes!
  • Spectators are to be seated in the seating area only please.
  • There will be minimal changeover time. Please make your way to your court and be ready to start on time. As soon as your games are finished, please make your way out of the court area for the next game to commence.
  • In Hawkes Bay Arena 1(PGA) – Only players coaches and managers may enter the court area.
  • NO scooters or bikes are to be brought into any of the Hawkes Bay Arenas. All scooters & bikes can be placed in the stands outside. We highly recommend these to be LOCKED.


  • Balls may only be used on the courts when you have a scheduled match. No balls to be played within the foyer, carpark or the side of the courts while games are in play.
  • Please DO NOT take the balls off the allocated courts as they are needed for the following games.
  • Please DO NOT play on any spare courts.


  • All spectators must be seated in the allocated seating area in HBA 2.
  • No playing with any sports equipment on the side of the courts.
  • All children must be supervised at all times.
  • In HBA 1(PGA) all spectators must be upstairs.

Competition rules

  • Duty requirements - Each team must provide a person capable of refereeing and who knows the rules of the game.
  • Person in charge of team - Each team must have a person in charge to supervise the team.
  • Subs - Unlimited substitutions at any time (run on/off).
  • Time Outs - 2 x 30sec timeouts per team per set.
  • Game Time - Play all games until the buzzer sounds.
  • Defaults - If a team has to default for any reason, it will be recorded as a loss against that team.
  • Results - Superleague - The winner is determined by sets won and/or part thereof. First to 25 but must win by 2 points. If teams finish with the same number of sets, it goes back to points. Please Note - If a team has scored 15 or more points in the last set, that score is counted as a set.

Weekly Draw:   All draws will be posted on out Volleyball HB website ​​​​​​​

All fees are to be paid at the time of your online registration. As sporting activities are an extra-curricular activity, TIS has a ‘no pay, no play’ policy before the commencement of the competition. 

Should you have a credit balance on your child's school account, and wish to allocate this to payment and registration of this activity,  please phone (06 8447264) Sonja in the school office who will arrange this for you.

Any questions - please email Kirsten Demanser Wilson –


Kirsten Demanser - Wilson

Sports Coordinator