Showquest 2024

Registration Form 

You will need to register for this event by Friday the 5th of April. 

All fees are to be paid with your online registration. As this is considered an extra-curricular activity, TIS has a ‘no pay, no participation’ policy before the commencement of this event.

Should you have a credit balance on your child's school account, and wish to allocate this to payment and registration of this activity, please phone (06 8447264) and Sonja in the school office will arrange this for you.

Thanks for allowing your child to participate in Showquest for 2024! The event is on Friday 24th May 2024, being held at Toitoi Theatre, Hastings. 

Click here for more information about Showquest.

The cost for each student to participate is $28. This covers the event entry fee and bus transport to the venue. 

We will be at Toitoi for most of the day. When we have further specific details for the day, we will post these on Hero.

The TIS Showquest Team 

Rox Batkins- 

Natalie Wadsworth-