Learner Agency

Learner Agency relates to learners’ ability to navigate their way through life and positively impact their circumstances.  We are being supported by James Anderson in developing & refining our understanding and practices bringing this initiative to life.  James travelled from Australia to spend a Teacher Only Day with us unpacking the definition of agency and the three essential ‘areas’ required to bring agency into effect, including the importance of the Habits of Mind, and Mindset.  Actions to date in 2024 include the team leading this initiative reading and discussing James’ book ‘Learnership’, sharing weekly videos with staff and our community designed to grow knowledge and foster change, and continuing to design future steps ensuring learner agency is at the forefront of our practice.  If you are interested in learning more about learner agency, please follow this link to James’ website.

To develop agency, learners must be in an environment free of undue restrictions, where they are challenged and given the opportunity to make choices that meaningfully influence their world.     

To develop agency, learners must understand that they are capable of developing the abilities that will allow them to succeed at challenges that are beyond their current abilities - a Growth Mindset.

To develop agency, learners must be taught how to skilfully and independently engage in the learning process in order to develop the abilities required to meaningfully impact their world, and overcome the challenges they encounter - Learnership.