Daily Notices

Rāapa 6 and Rāpare 7 Hōngongoi

Mixed Materials Workshop is OPEN at lunchtime on Wednesday and Thursday this week for those wishing to come and finish their pātaka native bird feeeders. Please come along unless it is a wet lunch hour!

Mrs Barber


Meet in Room 4 at morning tea please for a quick meeting!

Friday 8th July

Sports Challenge today - As we have school awards assembly and then straight off to BFt for our last gym session, please bring all your gear over to room 11 before going to assembly.  If you aren't getting an award - can you please be changed in your PE uniform with your sneakers on. For those of you that are getting an award - have your gear ready to get changed quickly before heading to the gym.

Weekly Notices

Lunchtime Sports Equipment!!

There have been a lot of balls left on the turf, around the school and kicked onto the roofs. Can you please return the equipment you issue out to the P.E shed as soon as the bell goes. If this continues, the P.E shed will be locked at lunchtimes.

There are also students that have been going into the hall P.E shed during lunchtimes and helping themsleves. No one is to be in there without a teacher supervising.

Mr Murhta

Rock Bands - Week 10

Rock Bands postponed till Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July (Week 10). We will use these times to set something up before the holidays. Sorry to those of you who were looking forward to this!

Mr. Baty

Friday 1st July


Please click on the link and enter the names of all of the people in your group and your classroom number.


Bike/Scooter Stands

Please stay away from the bike stands unless you are parking your bike or scooter there for the day. This area is out of bounds during morning tea and lunch. Lately, there has been some vandalism of bike's around this area. This is not ok. If you see any of this behavior please let your teacher know. 

Week  10

Chocolate sales

Try and get your money back please before the end of this week, so you don't have it hanging around over the holidays.

How is the selling of chocolates going?

If you require more chocolates, please go to the office.  Any outstanding money needs to be paid before you will be issued with additional boxes.  Money can be deposited into account # 12-3479-0035777-00. 

Final day to have your money back to school is Wednesday 6 July, Week 10.

Thanks the office and Mrs Brinsley.

St John's College 2022

St John's College have changed the date for their "Taste of St John's" day. It will now be held of Wednesday 27th of July.

Thier open-day will be Sunday 14th August.

For a copy of their most recent communication, please ask at the office.

Sacred Heart College

If you are considering Sacred Heart College please be aware of the following information

Touch of Class - 2022 

Scholarship Information