Music Tuition 2023

Dear whānau,

Taradale Intermediate offers learners the opportunity to learn instruments outside of class as an optional extra. Apologies for the delay in getting this information out this year, however the cyclone and school being closed has pushed this back. This has made confirming lessons/tutors challenging this year.

Lessons are currently being offered for the following instruments:




Likely lesson time (TBC)

Hire instruments



David Boston

$300 per year

Mornings between 7.30-8.30am (lesson times/days vary based on ability)


$50 per year

Music book purchased direct from tutor @ $10


Cameron Budge

$15 per lesson (2 students per lesson max, 20 minute lessons)

Tuesday morning from 8am

Learners require own sticks


Sally Davies

$15 per lesson (individual lessons, 15 minute lessons)

Thursday morning before school

Limited availability: $80 per year

Students may be paired up if their skill level is the same, in which case the lesson would become 30 minutes for a pair

Speech and Drama

Emma Bowyer

Several options – see below

TBC – during school hours.


Examinations may be offered, Emma will provide information on this.

We are in the process of confirming lesson/tutor availability for clarinet, saxophone, singing, and violin. I will let you know asap as these become available. 

Additional information:

Speech and Drama Tuition

Speech and Drama classes empower young people to become the best communicators they can be. Trinity College of London curriculum develops children that will succeed in a world that demands confidence, creativity, and the ability to communicate ideas clearly. We know that these skills are needed more today than ever before.

Students work in small groups (or solo) with a qualified Trinity College Speech and Drama teacher to develop confidence in public speaking, performance, team building, and effective communication skills.

Classes take place during the school day with students coming out of class for one session per week. Our students often work toward external Trinity College of London Speech and Drama examinations.

Tuition is provided by Ms. Emma Bowyer an experienced NZ registered teacher and internationally trained performer. Please feel free to view the Trinity College website for further information

Speech and drama FEES

Group Lessons (maximum 12 students, 45-minute lesson duration) $275 per year (8 lessons per term). Students work on skills development, examinations are not offered.

Small Group Lessons (maximum 4 students, 30-minute lesson duration) $400 per year (8 lessons per term). Students can work towards Trinity College examinations.

Private Lessons  $750 per year (8, 30-minute lessons per term). Students can work towards Trinity College examinations.


Tutors are responsible for the billing and collection of fees directly to whānau (which is a change from previous years). When you register for music lessons, you are agreeing that your contact details will be passed on to the tutor so that they can contact you about this. You are also agreeing to the payment of these fees to the tutor. Each tutor may request these fees to be paid slightly differently ie: termly or in a lump sum. Please discuss this directly with your tutor.

Hire instruments are through Taradale Intermediate. If you select ‘hire instrument’ on the registration form, the associated cost will be charged to your school account so that your child can be issued with the instrument for the year.


If you are keen for your child to participate in music lessons at TIS this year, please complete the online form available on our website: (this can also be accessed under the learner opportunities à cultural opportunities tab). Lessons will only go ahead when there are sufficient numbers of students registered – if we are unable to proceed with your chosen instrument you will be contacted. A separate registration is required for each instrument/child. 

As we have already been delayed this term, we would like to start lessons as soon as possible, from Monday 13th March. Please therefore complete registration by Thursday 9 March to express your interest. Apologies for the short turn around!  

Thanks for allowing your learner to have this musical opportunity! If you have any questions, please contact


Leah Breeds
Itinerant Music Coordinator