Lessons are currently being offered for the following instruments:




Likely lesson time (TBC)

Hire instruments



David Boston

$300 per year

Mornings between 7.30-8.30am (lesson times/days vary based on ability)


$50 per year

Music book purchased direct from tutor @ $10


Cameron Budge

$300 per year

Tuesday morning from 8.30am

Learners require own sticks


Sally Davies

$300 per year

Thursday morning before school

Limited availability: $80 per year


Kathy Clark

$300 per year

Thursday afternoons from 1pm

Not applicable

May require a music book TBC


Kathy Clark

$700 per year for INDIVIDUAL

$300 per year for group lessons

Thursday afternoons

Contact Kathy directly:  info@

We are in the process of confirming lesson/tutor availability for clarinet, saxophone, brass, and violin. I will let you know asap as these become available.  

We contract tutors on a per student basis and pass the fee paid directly to them. They allocate their hours based on this commitment from you at the beginning of the year. As you can appreciate – this is their income and as such a firm commitment is necessary. We cannot refund tuition fees as these will have already been paid to the tutor. Learning an instrument, especially when it is new, can be quite challenging at first and some learners may be frustrated. However, this is a great test of resilience and perseverance! Practicing little and often, even just a few minutes at a time, will make a huge difference. Please discuss this commitment with your child before registering. Thanks.

Obviously we are running lessons under the Red COVID setting. Our lessons are in small groups or pairs and our normal health and safety precautions will be in place. Please ensure you are comfortable with the following measures before enrolling your learner:

Covid precautions for non-woodwind instruments:

  • Students and tutors will wear masks
  • Sanitiser to be used on entry and exit from the lessons
  • Lesson space ventilated by opening windows
  • Students spaced out as much as possible
  • No singing along with the music!

Covid precautions for woodwind instruments:

  • Students and tutors will wear masks when not actively using their instrument
  • Sanitiser to be used on entry and exit from the lessons
  • Lesson space ventilated by opening windows – outside lessons where possible.
  • Students spaced out as much as possible

A $50 deposit is required when submitting this form, with the balance due by April 1st. If you already have a regular AP set up, please contact to discuss adding music tuition to this. Lessons will only go ahead when there are sufficient numbers of students registered – if we are unable to proceed with your chosen instrument you will be contacted and the $50 refunded. A separate registration is required for each instrument/child.  

Thanks for allowing your learner to have this musical opportunity! If you have any questions, please contact