Dear Whanau

2023 BYOD at Taradale Intermediate

Taradale Intermediate is a dual platform school: running Office 365 and Google Suite for Education. Your child will require a laptop (Windows or MAC) or chromebook for 2022.
We do expect learners to have a device which is capable of taking video and photo footage to record their learning. Our students sometimes use smartphones as a secondary device, for video and photos only, if their device does not have a camera. There is NO expectation that your child has a secondary device.

You may want to look at a device that is capable of running the full Office 365 suite as a desktop application. This allows students to work on projects at home without a network connection and provides more options than the web-based apps. Please do not purchase Office 365 software; as this comes as part of the package we offer through the school, and can be downloaded onto five of your own devices.

We do ask that students come with a anti virus protection on all their devices as they are accessing our public network. There are some good free ones available to download or purchase one with your device.


  • Dual Core – i5 4GB RAM 128GB SSD Hardrive (8GB 256SSD if using specialist software such as Adobe Suite)
  • Wireless n minimum.  We do prefer Wireless 6 (802.11ax), and dual band if possible for improving the speed, performance and security.
  • Minimum 11-12” screen.
  • Battery minimum of 8 hours.  Due to Health and Safety - we do not have the capacity to be charging devices at school.
  • Must have Google Chrome browser installed so that it can run our platforms.
  • Antivirus application. 

Please consider the weight of the device as your child will need to carry this to and from school and from class to class.

Please consider a sleeve or cover for the device.

Personal headphones/earbuds are required.  Please have a pair that are comfortable for your child to wear.

If you have any questions please contact Terri Ann Pay or Robyn Eddy.